Higher Self Lineages

The Architecture of the Higher Soul Levels: The Lineages of Wolfgang Mahatma’s Higher Self, Upper Soul and Higher Monad are:


To his Higher Monad belong:
– Lord and Archangel Metatron
– Archangel Uriel
– Archangel Gabriel etc.

Note: Among all Lord Metatron – the creator of the Archangels – is the fractal with the highest proportion and the highest vibrational frequency as well.


His Upper Soul or Lower Monad is called:
– Vywamus


To his Higher Self belong:
– Sanat Kumara (the Planetary Logos of Sophia Gaia)
– Merlin
– Lady Nada who embodied in biblical times among others Mary Magdalene
– His Pleiadian Higher Self Aspect that was 200 years ago Semjase’s spouse: His Beamspip went astray and was atomized by fire as he participated in a research expedition in a foreign galaxy. But he now is reincarnated 12 years ago.

– Soltec/Hatonn is his Sirian Higher Self Aspect

– Analaia Valdez is his Andromedian Higher Self Aspect