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Transform Your Life Creating The Life You Just Would Love Living Now

What is the LOA (Law Of Attraction) Coaching Process all about?

First of all it’s really most important to understand, that there is nothing you can not be, do, know or have. But to really get there, from where you are standing now to where you want to be – regardless the time frame, you ever like to chose, you just have to know, that there always will be a gap, that you actually have to close. To be able to close the gap, you also have to know, that there really are so many most helpful processes. The only thing, you just have to know, is which of all these amazing, incredible processes exactly will be the right one to apply and to work with regularly then being able to bridge and close the gap.

And it’s up to me as Coach to show you, which of all these amazing, incredible processes, will be just the right one for you to use to be able to achieve the best results and to get the most out of it, depending on your intention or the subject, that you just have for every single call. I will guide you through the whole process by showing you how to apply it best. To shortly sum it up, what it’s up to me above all as Coach:

  • To smooth any resistance coming up by applying any process and to help releasing any resistance to all that you desire.

  • To support you to achieving all your goals.

  • And to make you understand, that you are in charge of your mind, therefore you are in charge of your destiny as well.

The strategies, the LOA Coaching Process is based on, are the seven essential Universal Laws. To sum it up in one short sentence, it just means, that there is nothing you can not be, do, or have working with. But always be aware of the fact, that thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results. In the LOA Coaching Process, I will lead you through different processes – just depending on the subject that you want to work out with me – that will help you above all to move up the emotional scale for example by reaching for a better feeling thought or by releasing any resistance to all that you desire. As a result, the point of attraction of what you desire – regarding any subject as for example your finances, a relationship, or a bodily condition – will begin to more and more shift towards your goals until you actually will be able to finally achieve all your goals. This process definitely will change your whole Life completely – step by step – beginning with your mindset until your mindset becomes more and more for example the mindset of a millionaire, if you just want to become a millionaire. And that will help you indeed to allow Prosperity and Abundance to come more and more into your Life until you finally will be able to create all the Prosperity and Abundance, you desire. But you just have to know that’s a process, that certainly – as each process – just takes its time and so you simply have to be patient with yourself above all as well as you have to be ready to make all the effort, it ever needs, to be able to truly change your whole life finally. To getting ready just means first of all to always commit yourself to what you desire. And you just have to know, that it is most important, that you always just have to be fully committed – or with other words – it just means, that you always have to be committed to hundred percentage, if you really want to be successful. And that’s why I always will ask you, how committed are you on a scale from 1 – 10 (and 10 is the highest score) to do the process, I just have taken you through, daily? You have to know, that all in all it’s far more than 100 amazing, incredible Processes, that I am able to lead you through such as for example „The Focus Wheel Process“, or the Process called „Segment Intending“, „Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?“ or „Which Thought feels better?“ to just call four of them. But regardless, what each of them really is all about, they all have in common, that they truly all have the potential to completely change your Life. And that’s the very reason, why they all are so awesome, so incredible and so amazing, that the results, you will get out of them, are sometimes even beyond amazing.

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