Wolfgang Mahatma’s Past Lifes

Thousend of past lives in different Star Systems

He truly has lived many thousend of past lives and indeed not only on Planet Earth, but in different Star Systems and different galaxies as well above all in the Sirius Star System and the Pleiades in our Milky Way as well as in the Andromeda Constellation too.

On Mother Earth (Sophia Gaia) he has lived among others in:

Ancient Egypt, South Africa, Lemuria, Atlantis,Biblical times, Aztec times, Stonehenge, Peru, Romania, India including as a high priest, prophet, astronomer, scientist, geographer, teacher, doctor, healer…

In biblical times
Wolfgang Mahatma incarnated among others as Moses and it certainly then was a most important mission for him to take the Israelites from the old Egypt into The Promised Land. But he only was able to manage this great task with the help of his Brother Aaron which he met in this present life again.

In ancient Egypt he incarnated several times as pharao including Tutmosis III. and also the last pharao Tutanchamun in the 18. Dynasty. In that incarnation he was a son of the great pharao Echnaton who was embodied by his great spiritual teacher
Brian Grattan.